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The Port Augusta Business Directory has been established to provide a very simple keyword search, to connect the public to a great range of Port Augusta Businesses.
The hope behind the site is that locals and visitors alike will have an easy time connecting to the local business that can satisfy their needs.

So how does the keyword searching actually work?
It supports multiple words, single words, and partial words. If you get excessive results the increase the amount of characters or add another word.
If you get no results or too few results then reduce the number of characters or remove words. I recommend no more than 2 words.
The database also checks the business name with the keyword you are using, so if you know the business name use part of the name as the keyword.

The Port Augusta Business Directory is mobile friendly and also supports Google Maps on both Mobile and Desktop devices.
The design of the site to this date has been about functionality, and since I don’t have an artistic bone in my body the theme is very basic.
I would welcome any support from local people whether in business or not, to help improve the site in both functionality and appearance.
Please get in contact if you can help in any way. I have donated the funds and time to get this site underway, and I will continue to support it as long as I can.

No income/money is generated by this site, it is purely here to aid everyone in the Port Augusta region.

The Port Augusta Business Directory is here to help support the community, please help spread the word of its existence. The more usage it receives the better it can become.

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